What is CROMA?

The Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association (CROMA) was established in 2010 with the goal of solidifying and expanding the old-time scene in this region. Among other things, CROMA:

  • Organizes and promotes the Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival, an annual three-day event featuring multiple bands, workshops for all ages, jamming, and dancing
  • Offers free performances at places such as schools, nursing homes, and community centers
  • Organizes and promotes regular open jams and other events such as regional jams, summer campouts, and more
  • Presents workshops and performances by regional and touring musicians

Who is CROMA?

CROMA is made up of members and volunteers who are fans of old-time music. There are folks who love to listen to the music, folks who love to play it, and folks who love to dance. Individual and band memberships are available here. We hope you will join us in keeping old-time music alive and well in the Central Rockies.

CROMA’s Mission

The mission of the Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association (CROMA) is to preserve, promote, and present old-time music in the Central Rocky Mountain region. CROMA fulfills its mission by affiliating fellow musicians and sharing the communal experience of pre-bluegrass/early American fiddle and banjo music through public events and educational programs. Specifically, CROMA strives to expand the presence of old-time music by scheduling and promoting jams and performances, encouraging the mentoring of musicians of all levels, bringing in individuals with expertise to share with the community, and serving as the digital communication hub for regional bands, musicians, dancers, and listeners.

Current Board Members:

Beth Mosko
Lori Nitzel
Bob Zuellig
Matt Fairchild

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