The 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival
will take place July 9th – 12th, 2015!

Upcoming 2015 festival information will soon be available on our Festival page! Mark your calendars now for July 9-12, 2015!

This year’s lineup includes:

– Walt Koken and Clare Milliner 
– Dugout Canoe (Geoff Seitz, Mark Rennard, Dave Landreth, Andy Gribble)
– Dance Callers (Chris Kermiet, Larry Edelman, T. Claw)
– Other Instructors (Harrison Topp, David Cahn, Molly Tenenbaum)

Visit our 2015 Lineup page for more information about this year’s bands, callers, and instructors.

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Old-time music is the pre-bluegrass, fiddle and banjo music that grew organically from rural traditions in places like Southern Appalachia and the Ozarks. This music traveled with settlers who came west, and subsequently took root in various mining camps and settlements throughout the Central Rockies.

The old-time scene in the Central Rockies is vibrant with old-timers and
new-timers (from all over!) playing, listening to and dancing to music throughout these beautiful mountains.

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Old-time music was the old-time name for real mountain-type folk music.
— Mike Seeger

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